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Teledyne Relays Announces New reformatted microwave switches selection guide

Teledyne Relays introduced its new Microwave Switches Selection Guide , featuring 20 families of coaxial switches and relays in a tabular format. The guide, designed to help engineers quickly choose a product, now features schematic drawings for all switches and relays. The layout has been designed to make it easier to read and find information faster.

The 24-page digest provides detailed information about the switches and relays, which span the range from DC to 26.5 GHz and cover SPDT (single-pole, double-throw) up to SP8T and Transfer switches. The brochure includes 21 listed parameters such as frequency range, coil voltage, connector type, temperature range, contact life, RF performance, available options, shock and vibration.

The guide includes comprehensive mechanical drawings and charts showing RF power handling capabilities and RF performance for insertion loss, isolation and return loss. It also features a glossary and information about using the switches in applications.

Customers may order the Microwave Switches Selection Guide online at http://www.teledyne-europe.com/requestinfo/litrequest.asp.

For the latest news releases, visit http://www.teledyne-europe.com/newsrelease.asp.
For the latest data sheets, visit http://www.teledynerelays.com/newproducts.asp.

Teledyne Relays is the preeminent provider of switching solutions. Our comprehensive product line meets a wide range of RF and Microwave demands for test and instrumentation, wireless, communication, space and military applications. Space, military or commercially qualified RF relays, coaxial switches and complete coaxial switch assemblies give answers to high end DC to 33 GHz requirements. Teledyne relays and coaxial switches provide edge of performance benefits in insertion loss, isolation, repeatability, low intermodulation, and high power switching.

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